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Miriam Mens


I am an adventurist from Amsterdam who loves to get up close and personal with my subjects. Whether that is a person, animal, building, landscape or an electricity cable. I’m spontaneous and to the point and that’s something you can also find in my photography.

I love shooting the world as one, I don’t see borders, I see new parts of a story. There is just one horizon and we all share it. But don’t expect me to stay horizontal or with both feet on the ground, I will do anything to get the right angle.

When I’m behind the camera I have this unstoppable drive to stop space-time. I know that’s impossible. You can’t grasp it, because when you think of the now it’s already the past. Photography captures the here-and-now.

I combine all those places and moments into one. That means looking for similarities but also contradictions. Or a photo which makes people think ‘what on earth am I looking at?’.

Well exactly that, the earth! That is the beauty of photography, you can compare it to a diamond, every facet reflects differently.

This is what I see and want to share with you.

Miriam Mens

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